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About Shuggy’s Antiques & Jewelry in Wheeling, WV

We Have Been in The Antique Business for Over 30 Years

Learning about Shaggy’s Antiques & Jewelry in Wheeling, WV, goes back over three decades. Our owner learned the trade early on back in the pre-eBay days and now proudly provides great business to our customers. Since our inception, we pride ourselves on providing superior customer service to everyone. Customer satisfaction is and always will be our top priority.

Call us today at (304) 234-6655 or (304) 281-9231 if you are looking to buy and sell antiques and jewelry in one piece or entire estates.

Our Owner Tells Us How Shuggy’s Antiques & Jewelry Got Started

While I have dabbled in jewelry and antiques, it was not until about 30 years ago I made my first big find and went into business for myself. I was shopping at a local flea market and stumbled upon a headshot of Jimmy Hendrix. I noticed that it had some writing and Jimmy’s name. Me being a fan, I decided to buy it for the price the vendor had put on it of $3. After getting home, I looked at the photograph a little more and saw where it had been sent to a person named Steve. It looked to me to be an actual signature and not just a print. I always did business in The Antique Trader and saw listings for rock-star autograph buyers.

For those of you who do not know, The Antique Trader is pre-eBay. It was where you could list merchandise and would actually have to call a person about an item. Things were very different then. Anyways, I sent the item to about four different dealers from New England to California, and they all said it was a real autograph.  I sold it to one of them for $600 and it is probably now worth several thousands. However, considering at one time I was going to take it to The Meadows Antique Flea Market and try to get $25, I was happy with it. Now don’t be under the misconception that happens all the time; those are far and few between. You never know until you check, so come down and see us at Shuggy’s Antiques in Wheeling, West Virginia. We offer the best buy/sell prices on all antiques and jewelry in Wheeling, West Virginia.

Your Antiques & Jewelry Connection in Wheeling, WV

Do you have old vintage or antique finds sitting around your home? Why not see how much they are worth today? Come down and see us at Shuggy’s Antiques & Jewelry in Wheeling, WV. We offer the best buy and sell prices on all Antiques and Jewelry in The Friendly City.

Pick Up Precious Stones and Heirlooms at Shuggy’s Antiques & Jewelry

Our team of professionals at Shuggy’s Antiques & Jewelry will be happy to show you some excellent antique finds. Staff members specializing in jewelry of all types will help you find the perfect piece for that special someone. Contact us today if you are interested in buying and selling antiques and jewelry. We look forward to speaking with you and having you visit us at Shuggy’s Antiques & Jewelry in Wheeling, WV.

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